Cultural Inclusion is dedicated to Aboriginal and Tores Strait Islander inclusion through all facets of the early childhood sector.

About Us

Cultural Inclusions was founded by Cecelia Wright. Cecelia is a leading multicultural trainer, communicator and champion for indigenous education and inclusion. Originally from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, Cecelia has extensive experience embedding Cultural practices in the Early Childhood Sector.

Cultural Inclusions is on a mission to change lives for better and make an everlasting impression through the provision of the best cultural resources that “make a difference” and “create change for all”.

We believe that closing the gap between different Australian cultures, and making a change to our future generations, starts with early childhood education and care. If children are taught at a young age about acceptance and inclusion, they will grow up in an all-inclusive world. The world will truly be a better place.

We can create a culturally inclusive Australia. Our youth are our future leaders. Let’s create the future they deserve.

Cecelia Wright, Founder Cultural Inclusions

About the Islands

The Torres Strait Islands are a small group of islands that range from the tip of Far North Queensland To Papua New Guinea. They are tropical, remote and rich with culture, languages and diversity.

Torres Strait Islanders are seafaring people and live off of the sea. Within the Torres Straits there is 5 groups of Islands and three distinct languages. The Western-central Torres Strait Language, or Kala Lagaw Ya, is spoken on the southwestern, western, northern and central islands.Meriam Mir is spoken on the eastern islands.

The Torres Strait Islanders are very multicultural, happy and positive people. Family is the first priority within the culture and showing respect to each other is a highly valued trait. Torres Strait Islanders are one of Australia’s first national people. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are the Indigenous people of Australia.

About Our Cause

Cultural Inclusions purchases products from Torres Strait Islanders and Indigenous suppliers where possible to ensure money is given back to the Indigenous community and those living in underprivileged conditions. One of our local suppliers is MananSamai on Thursday Island. She currently works full-time as an educator and on the weekends sells her hand woven mats and brooms at markets. All of the funds she raises support her family and village who live on the islands near the PNG border. These villages have no running water or electricity.

Cultural Inclusions also donates 10% of all profits to underprivileged indigenous children world-wide.