Cultural Inclusion is dedicated to Aboriginal and Tores Strait Islander inclusion through all facets of the early childhood sector.

Embed cultural practices into your educational program…

Cultural Inclusions provide top quality resources and partner with authentic Indigenous suppliers. Resources include authentic musical instruments, recipes, weaving, language, songs, games, mats, music and a wide range of materials that are unique to the Torres Straits and Aboriginal Australia.

By purchasing authentic and educational resources you will be on the path to embedding cultural practices into your educational program. These resources can support you with meeting the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework that focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural inclusion.

Cultural competence is much more than awareness of cultural differences. It is the ability to understand, respect, communicate with, and effectively interact with, people across cultures (Early Years Learning Framework p.16).


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🌺🌺 Happy #FloralFriday 🌺🌺 We wanted to take this chance to say a big Eso and let you know we are so #grateful and #blessed to have so many #educators #schools #workplaces all over Australia support us with our small businesses #indigenousbusinesses and #firstnationsbusinesses Our Face to face and Online Learning has been #amazing #inspiring and #createchange for the better. We are here for you if you are ready for#connectingthedotsthroughculture #tsifloralfriday #culturalinclusionsfloralfriday #AccessAndInclusion #joinus #follow #PD #professionallearning #masterclasses #professionalconversations #mentoring #coaching #onthefloor #kindyuplift #authentictraining #facetoface #Online #lotsoffun #reconciliationweek2022 #BeBraveMakeChange PM us for more info 🌺🌺 ... See MoreSee Less
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Cultural Inclusions
It’s all about the food! This is where some of the most real conversations happen #beingbelongingbecoming #culturalinclusions and letting people #weavingculturalstories together.Everyone love food so embrace the opportunity to share and celebrate together. Morning Teas, special events, #significantdates or just because! #kaikaipamle #Kaikai #timetoeat #connectingthedotsthroughculture #embeddinngAboriginalPerspectives #embeddingtorresstraitislanderperspectives #embeddingcaldperspectives #createchange ... See MoreSee Less
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Cultural Inclusions
🔥🔥Torres Strait Celebrating 30 Years in 2022🔥🔥‼️This year, during National Reconciliation Week, we will be commemorating two massive milestone celebrations, the 30th Anniversary of the Torres Strait Flag Day and the 30th Anniversary of MABO Day.🔥30th Anniversary of the Torres Strait Flag Day Sunday, 29th May 2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Torres Strait Flag Day. The Flag was designed and created by the late Bernard Namok snr of Thursday Island. The Flag was presented to the people of Torres Strait on this day, 30 years ago during the Torres Strait Cultural Festival, 1992. The Torres Strait Flag is a symbol of unity and identity for Torres Strait Islanders.🟢Green represents the land🔵Blue is the sea⚫️Black lines represent the people of the Torres Strait ⚪️White is representative of peace ⭐️The central symbol of the Dhari (headdress) with the five pointed star represents the five clusters of the Torres Strait as well as our history of sea-faring navigation The Australian Government recognised the Torres Strait Islander Flag as an official ‘Flag of Australia’ on 14 July 1995.🔥30th Anniversary of MABO Day Friday, 3rd June 2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of MABO day. The High Court of Australia recognised that a group of Torres Strait Islanders, led by Eddie Mabo, held ownership of Mer (Murray Island). In May 1982 a group of Meriam from the Eastern Torres Strait including David Passi, Sam Passi, Celuia Mapo Salee and James Rice, led by Eddie Koiki Mabo, lodged a case with the High Court of Australia for legal ownership of the island In acknowledging the traditional rights of the Meriam people to their land, the court also held that native title existed for all Indigenous people. On 3 June 1992, six of the seven judges agreed that the Meriam held traditional ownership of the lands of Mer. The decision led to the passing of the Native Title Act 1993, providing the framework for all Australian Indigenous people to make claims of native title. This landmark decision gave rise to important native title legislation the following year and rendered terra nullius a legal fiction.‼️Save the dates and be ready to join the Regional and Local celebrations. Event details, programs and information will be issued & shared. #NRW2022 #MABO2022 #TorresStraitFlagDay #TorresStrait #Reconciliation #TorresShire #MaboDay #CarryTheFlag ... See MoreSee Less
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Cultural Inclusions
🌺🌺 Happy #FloralFriday 🌺🌺 Our challenge to #Educators #Schools #workplaces for #NRW2022 is to create change & bring awareness though the #Seaofheartschallenge and we are in awe of everyone that has started this journey of #inclusion OVER 17,350 of you have seen it, shared it & started creating change. From our ❤️ to your ❤️ please #Like #tag #share this opportunity. Here’s one testimonial that made us so #grateful to support & share our #knowledge with you #tsifloralfriday #culturalinclusionsfloralfriday #accessandinclusion #joinus #follow #kindyuplift #Authentictraining #Facetoface #online #lotsoffun #reconciliationweek2022 #bebravemakechange #connectingthedotsthroughculture ... See MoreSee Less
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Cultural Inclusions
How will you be celebrating Flag Day? Did you print out our #significantdatescalender2022 off the website? What will you be sharing with the children around #EmbeddingTorresStraitIslanderPerspectives #like #share and #showus what you have done?#culturalinclusions #connectingthedotsthroughculture #torresstraitislanderflag #celebrate #acknowledge ... See MoreSee Less
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Torres Strait Islander “Traditional Experiences 1” A selection of traditional cooking, craft activities and songs
“During an ACECQA Assessor visit to my service they immediately asked to see our Torres Strait Islander Resources used in the centre. I went on to purchase a range of resources from Cultural Inclusions ensure this need was met”.
Andrea, Director Little Zebras Childcare Centre QLD
”Having the resources from Cultural Inclusions gave me more confidence to talk to the children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture as I did not want to be seen as tokenistic”
LinkyWano, educator
“Cecelia came into our service and did a Torres Strait Islander demonstration with the children and staff. It was fantastic to see the children learning the language, songs and dance with her”.
Josh, Our Lady of the Assumption Vacation Care provider
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